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[greenyes] School Opportunity

Greetings and apologies for cross-posting.

We received an overwhelming response to our waste-free lunch press release last week! A great number of TV, radio, and newspaper reporters around the country are interested in doing stories on the waste-free lunch movement. We've put most of them in touch with "waste-free lunch" schools in their area, but we're still looking for a few more schools that are involved in reducing waste through composting, recycling, and the reduction of disposable packaging.

If you work with schools in any of the following locations (or you know someone who does), please help us put them in touch with a reporter in their area. (This could be a great PR opportunity for the schools!)

Thanks for your help.

Ashville, NC

Albany, NY

Greenville, SC

New York, NY

Florence, SC

Fort Meyer, FL

San Jose, CA

San Diego, CA

Tulsa, OK

El Paso, TX

Abilene, TX

Waco, TX

Austin, TX

Anchorage, AK

Sioux Falls, SD

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

central IL

Also, if you're familiar with a waste-free lunch program in a different part of North America, please let me know, and I'll put them in touch with reporters working on national stories.


Amy Hemmert
Obentec, Inc.

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