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[greenyes] Bush Administration Approach to Mercury Standard

Washington Post March 8, 2005; Page A09

EPA Distorted Mercury Analysis, GAO Says

By Shankar Vedantam

The Environmental Protection Agency distorted the analysis of its
controversial proposal to regulate mercury pollution from power plants,
making it appear that the Bush administration's market-based approach was
superior to a competing scheme supported by environmentalists, the
nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said yesterday.

Rebuking the agency for a lack of "transparency," the report said the EPA
had failed to fully document the toxic impact of mercury on brain
development, learning, and neurological functioning. The GAO urged that
these problems be rectified before the EPA takes final action on the rule.

The analysis follows a critical report by the EPA's inspector general that
suggested that agency scientists had been pressured to back the approach
preferred by industry.
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