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[greenyes] Chinese Energy Policy

Subject: FW: Chinese Energy Policy

Last Monday, the Chinese legislature passed a bill aimed at increasing
the country's use of renewable energy by mandating that power-grid
operators get a portion of their electricity from local renewable
sources and by providing financial inducements such as tax incentives,
discounted loans, and a national development fund. Policy advice from
Worldwatch researchers helped contribute to the draft law.

When it takes effect in 2006, the law-the first of its kind for
China-will be a huge step toward fulfilling a pledge made at the
international renewable energy conference (which Worldwatch helped
organize last year in Bonn) to increase the country's renewable-energy
production from under 1 percent of the total to about 10 percent by

It couldn't happen too soon. Fast-developing China is now second only to
the U.S. in emissions of carbon dioxide (though, as the world's most
populous country, it ranks far lower on a per capita basis).

John W. Holman
Worldwatch Institute
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Washington, DC 20036
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