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Re: [greenyes] New message board/forums for educators

Thanks. I signed up. I'll post there soon.

"Wiedel, Victoria J." <VWiedel@no.address> wrote:Hello everyone,

I have set up a new Message Board with Forums for public and private sector
professionals who are interested in public education/information and school
education programs related to solid waste, and I would like to invite you to

Registration is (unfortunately) not very intuitive, but it is free, and the
ads at the top are easy to ignore. If you are looking for opportunities to
network with others who administer solid waste education programs, please
join. Since it's new, it's virtually empty now -- please feel free to
forward this message to others who might benefit.

Message boards and forum are different from list services in that you have
to go there to see what people are writing about (the messages do not
automatically appear in your inbox). This is an open board, so anyone can
post, and the forums are archived. I have already created several forums,
and in these forums you can post questions and topics.

If you would like to create a new forum, just email me (vwiedel@no.address).
For example, a group of solid waste educators from Illinois wanted their own
"space" to have discussions. Since they do not see each other in person
very often, they have created an online meeting room where they can see
what's happening in the rest of the state.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.
Victoria Wiedel
Public Information Coordinator
Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, IL

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