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[greenyes] Global PR

14. THE REVERSE BRITISH INVASION,6903,1431306,00.html
The global warming "denial lobby" is targeting Britain, reports the
Observer, and it has U.S. connections. "The UK-based Scientific
Alliance, which organised the meeting of skeptics in London last
month, recently published a joint report with America's George C.
Marshall Institute, a think-tank which has received donations from
Exxon. ... Exxon has also contributed $50,000 to the International
Policy Network, headquartered in London. Key personnel at the IPN
have connections with the Institute of Economic Affairs, Britain's
leading conservative think-tank, as well as the Competitive
Enterprise Institute in the U.S., whose global warming expert is
Myron Ebell, President Bush's climate adviser."
SOURCE: Observer, March 6, 2005
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