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[greenyes] Landfill Gas Constituents
Patty had asked me about landfill gases' constituents, and I sent back a 
breakdown of its composition, including a further breakdown of the 0.5% that 
are generally tagged as "trace compounds," the subcategory which includes 
the hazardous gases.

JW Spear points out that the sub-breakdown I provided for the trace 
compounds adds the total up to more than 100%, and he's right, which arose 
because I combined the overall breakdown of major categories from one 
source, with the further breakdown of the trace compound subcategory from 
another of the perils of multitasking one's way through emails 
in the morning!

I have pulled off my reference shelf the most definitive breakdown of trace 
compounds in landfill gas from George Tchobanoglous' text, and would be glad 
to fax it over to anyone who wants that level of detail.

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