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RE: [greenyes] Separate bins for curbside collection of paper

I forwarded your post to someone in a rural area considering curbside recycling options, and he had some questions: If you don't have the answers handy, could you refer me to someone who could help?


Gary Liss

BTW, I found the following link to work better to get to the picture you referenced:  Your link did not get to anything.

At 09:39 PM 2/17/2005, Helen Spiegelman wrote:
Cities in the metropolitan Vancouver (CANADA) region use sturdy polyethylene bags for fibre products: a yellow bag for mixed paper and a blue bag for ONP. We have basically constant rain all winter, and the bags keep the paper dry (as long as people put them down flat). The poly is very smooth so newspapers slide in easily.

Here is a link for a pic (note that the paper sticks out the top - it does not have to; the bags are big enough to hold newspapers out of the rain). recycling/curbside.html


At 01:09 PM 2/17/2005, Richard Johnson wrote:
In Houston we put our paper in grocery bags, which we either set inside the
recycling bin or next to the bin.  The City's crews don't seem to have
difficulty handling this.

As you may know, we get a lot of rain here.  If it's wet the evening before
collection day, people will typically wait until the morning to put out
their paper.  If it's raining on collection day, some people will wait until
the next collection day to put out their paper.  However, I've never had my
paper not be collected because of a bit dampness from rain.


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Why not encourage residents to put their papers in a paper grocery bag?  The
fit perfectly.  The grocery bag doesn't seem to contaminate the newspaper
and other paper.  The newspapers don't blow away.  You don't need another
bin because you can store the paper bags filled with papers in the bin
(that's what we do.)

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Subject: [greenyes] Separate bins for curbside collection of paper

I was wondering if anyone had experiences with collecting paper products in
separate bin (not with containers) curbside.

* Do the bins become too heavy for the collectors to pick up?
* Has a separate bin increased paper recycling in your community?
* Have residents expressed space constraints in their home/yard with regards
having to store an extra bin?

Any information you may have would be helpful.

Thank you-

Courtney Forrester

Solid Waste Manager
Newton Department of Public Works

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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