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[greenyes] Cal EPA adopts Enviro Justice guidelines
Hi CRRA & GRRNers:

Just an FYI.  Not sure if the new guidelines will affect any landfill,
transfer, MRF or recycling facilities.

 Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard for our California EJ
Victory yesterday.  This means everyone who struggled for 2 years to win
the groundbreaking CalEPA EJ Policy Recommendations Report in 2003 and
those who took it forward this week to win the beginning of a new
approach to achieve environmental health and justice for our
communities.  The California Environmental Justice movement was out in
force and was incredible, inspiring and effective!
 For the first time ever, Cal EPA has agreed to use cumulative impacts
assessment and a precautionary approach to guide their work.  Initially,
these definitions will guide their efforts in pilot project communities
in 2005 and 2006 but the much larger victory is the policy foundation
these definitions provide for new legislation and regulations that will
take a comprehensive approach to community  health.  The definitions
Cumulative Impacts means exposures or public health and environmental
effects from combined emissions and discharges, in a geographic area
including environmental pollution from all sources, whether single or
multi-media, routinely, accidentally, or otherwise released.  Impacts
take into account sensitive populations and socioeconomic factors, when
data is available.
Precautionary Approach means taking anticipatory action to protect
public health or the environment if a reasonable threat of serious harm
exists based upon the best available science and other relevant
information, even if absolute and undisputed scientific evidence is not
available to assess the exact nature and extent of risk.
We have much more work to do but together we can do it!  Si se puede!
Please spread the word to all of your networks.
Diane Takvorian
 Executive Director
 Environmental Health Coalition
 401 Mile of Cars Way, Suite 310
 (619) 474-0220 x112 
 (619) 474-1210 Fax

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