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Re: [greenyes] Waste characterization studies
For anyone with an interest in this topic - my September 2004 Recycling in Cyberspace column in Resource Resource was devoted to waste characterization data on the Web.  Most of the column links reference the studies in Mathieu's message but there are a few additional ones that may be helpful.  The column links can be accessed at the following Web address:
For your general reference - the majority of my column topics are often inspired by the dialogue I monitor on the various Internet discussion lists I monitor such as GreenYes and JTRNet.  I suggest bookmarking my links page as a general reference to a very wide range of waste reduction / recycling issues - many times I see questions asked on this list for which I have already developed a set of useful Web references.  Furthermore, I invite everyone to send me suggestions for future column topics - (please note thatI generally don't do reviews of commercial sites unless they provide information over and above specific products or services - I am not a commercial site announcement service).
Roger Guttentag
Recycling in Cyberspace February 2004 topic - State agency recycling
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Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 7:41 AM
Subject: [greenyes] Waste characterization studies


Good morning everybody,


We are looking for recent North American waste characterization studies for the residential sector. We already have data from Seattle, Wisconsin, Oregon, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, Ontario, and the US EPA 2001 study, but the more we have, the better.


Thank you for your time and concern,



Mathieu Guillemette

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