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[greenyes] Green Building Supply Store Opens in NYC!

* Apologies for Cross-Posting *

I am pleased to announce Community Environmental Center’s launch of Build It GREEN! -- NYC’s only building materials reuse center.

Also known as the BIG! Warehouse this reuse center will be just that – big! And better yet it’s a greener alternative to “big-box” building supply stores. Located in Astoria, Queens the 17,500 square feet store offers surplus and salvaged building materials at 30% to 70% less than the retail, and provides tax benefits for donated materials. Profits will help support CEC's Stuyvesant Cove Park and Environmental Learning Center.

NYC generates 13,500 tons of construction and demolition waste each day. A large portion of these materials can be reused, and now there’s a place to bring them. BIG!, currently the only store of its kind in NYC, is based on successful non-profit building material reuse centers throughout the US .  BIG! offers quality products at affordable prices, contributes to city’s economic development and even offsets the costs of exporting C&D waste.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Justin Green, BIG!’s program director.  Justin says, “everyone can benefit from BIG!”. Customers - from homeowners, landlords, and small businesses to artists and film and theatre production companies - can purchase top quality materials at discount prices, while donors receive tax deductions and/or lowered disposal costs.  Justin adds, “both have the added benefit of knowing they’ve helped their communities and the environment”.

Customers will find literally tons of new and used/reusable construction materials in stock.  Inventory includes windows, doors, cabinets, sinks and toilets, as well as trim, flooring, surplus paint and a host of other materials - all at great prices.  Solid core hardwood doors start at $40, new double-hung windows $100, sinks $30, and vintage lighting $25.  Shoppers should go often as inventory is always changing and new donations come in each day.  For shopping hours and directions to the warehouse visit them online at

Donors with surplus and used building materials can claim tax-deductions and/or save on disposal costs. Materials can be delivered to their warehouse or picked-up (certain restrictions apply).  Potential donors should visit the website to find out what is accepted.  In addition to donations, BIG! aquires inventory through deconstruction (dismantling buildings so materials can be reused). A recent deconstruction contract with the Durst Corporation, a global leader in green building, yielded over 70 tons of materials.  Justin says “deconstruction isn’t just an environmentally-sound construction practice, it provides us with a variety of building materials, generates revenues, and ensures the viability of the program”.

Over the next year, BIG! will expand its inventory to include new ‘green’ building supplies, like low-VOC paint and non-toxic cellulose insulation, and develop its deconstruction, green building and waste consultation services.

For more information please contact Justin at greeninfo@no.address, 718-777-0132, or online at . For details on Community Environmental Center go to

Join me in welcoming Build It Green!.  I encourage all of you to spread the word, and if you live in the NY metro area please stop by and support the BIG! Warehouse.

MaryEllen Etienne
Reuse Alliance


Reuse Alliance
3-10 11th Street
Long Island City, NY  11101

718.784.1444 x147

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