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[greenyes] Peter Anderson's Epiphany, or "Can't we all just get along and fight Perchlorate together?"
Congratulations to Peter, for realizing that people who defend the
unborn are also quite inclined to protect other vulnerable lifeforms and
the environments in which they live, be that womb or wilderness.  For
anyone who finds this a foreign concept, I'd highly recommend Sandra
Steingraber's book "Finding Faith", which details an ecologist's journey
into motherhood, and artfully blends the two vocations. Though the
author's politics are far left of center, this tome is quite popular in
pro-life circles and related organizations, such as the La Leche League
(which is home to many advocates for a safe environment that can argue
circles around the average granola protester, without resorting to
circular logic).

-Jay Donnaway 

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