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[greenyes] Great News on PVC Campaign
Here's some great news on the phase out of major sources of PVC packaging.  Kudos to the the Center for Health and Environmental Justice, and thanks to all of you who visited the GRRN Web Action Center and sent letters!

From CHEJ...

In response to our coalition request to sign the PVC-Free Pledge, Microsoft states that they hope to phase out PVC blister packs by the end of 2005! Here is an excerpt of their letter to CHEJ: âWe too are concerned about the use of PVC in software packaging and its impact on the environment and health and safety of consumers. Unfortunately, a number of our North American and Latin American retailers require that we package certain software products like Microsoft Office in plastic âclamshellsâ or âblister packsâ. Retailers believe that these enclosures provide a level of theft deterrence. We are currently negotiating with our retailers for a change in their software packaging requirements so that we will not have to use clamshell packaging at all. Absent a change in retail packaging requirements, we are looking for a relatively cost effective alternative material. Our existing packaging strategy is to advise our software packaging suppliers to switch to this alternate by the end of calendar year 2005. With the switch, we hope to completely eliminate PVC from our software packaging by the end of 2005.â

Johnson &Johnson also responded positively, stating that they want to phase out PVC in their primary packaging. Here is an excerpt of their letter to CHEJ: âWe are actively engaged with suppliers to identify alternatives to replace our existing PVC packaging and to avoid PVC use in future products. We can provide you with updates as we progress on our Consumer Products Company's goal of eliminating the use of PVC in our primary packaging...â Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort, especially GRRN for their website action letters.

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