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Re: [greenyes] Science in America in the 21st Century

I am very much in agreement with Alan's remarks.  Peter and Bruce, even at
their worst, have always provided comments to greenYes that I have found
interesting and insightful.  I have always appreciated them even when they
are wrong.  On the other hand, I cannot think of a better candidate to be
consigned to a blog that no one reads than Mr. William.  I have always found
his comments to be consistently unhelpful, snide and often arrogant.
However, I have refrained from excoriating his previous posts on the basis
that I understand the "delete" command well and I am not afraid to use it.
Perhaps Mr. William should hire a bright computer science student to tutor
him on this exotic aspect of Internet list participation.

Roger Guttentag

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> At 05:28 AM 2/3/2005 -0800, C E F G :-) wrote:
> >Everyone...
> >
> >The religious/scientific opinionated rantings/confessions DO NOT have any
> >business on GreenYes.
> Personally, I appreciate Peter's posts.  But even if you don't, there's no
> justification for calling them "garbage."  ( "garbage" supposed
> be a pejorative term on this list?)
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