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[greenyes] Alternative approach to boosting e-waste recycling
Here's a couple of articles I've run across which put electronics recycling's relationship to mining in perspective.
1)  OTTAWA, July 31, 2001 
"New federal regulations to reduce pollution from metal mines.."  Canada rewrites 1977 mining pollution regulations to improve mining pollution (which, in the USA, produces 45% of all toxics released by all USA industries)


2)  LONDON,October 24, 2001
"Mining companies need to work in tandem with governments and NGOs to produce a viable sustainable development model for the industry, David Kerr, president of Canadian miner Noranda, said this week. "  Noranda reacts to Canadian laws leveling the playing field in pollution per ton recycled v. per ton mined.
3)  TORONTO,  July 9, 2003
Noranda opens up precious metal recycling company with electronics recycling focus, taking over California's Micrometallics and opening e-scrap plants in Tennessee and Rhode Island. 
This happens after Canada rewrites the 1977 mining laws.
Imagine what could happen if the USA rewrote the General Mining Act of 1872?

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