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[greenyes] Global Warming and Oceans

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Greenhouse gas 'threatens marine life'
By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor
04 February 2005
Greenhouse gas 'threatens marine life'
Johann Hari: The climate crisis is here and now - but the US President has 
nothing to say about it
Leading article: There can be no doubt now about climate change
Gigantic changes to the oceans, leading to the extinction of marine life 
from cod to coral reefs, are likely because of the main greenhouse gas 
causing global warming, British scientists warned yesterday.
Researchers have found a new and potentially devastating danger from the 
huge volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by industry and transport, 
already threatening the planet with climate change.
Now, they warn, it is also rapidly turning the world's oceans acid as it is 
dissolved in seawater, and putting an enormous array of marine life at risk. 
Ocean acidification may wipe out much of the microscopic plankton at the 
base of the marine food web, and have a knock-on fatal effect up through 
shellfish to major human food species such as cod. It is already having a 
serious impact on organisms such as coral, and putting a question mark 
against the future of coral reefs.
The findings about acid seas, which are recent, are causing alarm in the 
international scientific community because they represent a huge threat to 
the world until now unknown.

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