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[greenyes] Fwd: [e_takeback] NBC Nightly News Story on E-waste Recycling
Sheila Davis of the E-waste Take Back Campaign speaks about producer responsibility in the story referenced below.  Thanks to Garth Hinkle for locating the video on the web.

Lance King
Community Solutions
Hello all:

The video can be accessed at:

It is listed as story 7 of 10 in the free video section. Otherwise, just
search for electronics or recycling. Sheila did a great job.


Garth Hickle
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
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  • Subject: [e_takeback] NBC Nightly News Story on E-waste Recycling
  • From: lkingeco2@no.address
  • Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 19:32:58 EST
  • Full-name: lkingeco2
NBC Nightly News did an "In Depth" story this evening on recycling e-waste.  For those who saw the story, what did you think.

A summary of the NBC piece follows, with a few observations. The story began by highlighting the number of cell phones and PC's being thrown away, which was followed by mention of the "potential" environmental impact.

But the waste problem was minimized somewhat by voice over saying the e-waste is only 2 percent of what goes to landfills.  There was no discussion of the hazardous waste issue.

Mention was made of legislative action being considered from Washington to Texas.  But, once again, the message was blunted by pictures of e-waste recycling operations, then E-bay urging consumers to recycling, and companies like Dell taking computers back when a new PC is purchased.

Someone spoke about consumers being surprised about having to pay to recycle.  The cost of recycling operations was mentioned and so was the California fee.

Sheila Davis was in the story twice, with her soundbite at the end conveying the message that when companies have to pay there will be an incentive to make changes.

Overall, the general impression left in my view is that recycling e-waste is a problem, but not an immediate environmental hazard.  Someone would have to be concentrating very closely to pick up Sheila's point at the end.

It's always good to get this kind of national exposure.  But the story didn't have a sharp edge or anything like a call to action.

Lance King
Community Solutions

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