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RE: [greenyes] compacting plastic bottles
Hi Corri,
I once managed a program in which we used a break-away compactor for plastic bottles. We fabricated a large hopper into which we dumped our day's collection of bottles. When the receiver had reached capacity, we picked it up with a roll-off truck and transported it to market. Handling bottles was short, sweet and to the point, however, the down side was that the plastic was often contaminated with undesirable plastics, lids and other debris. Yes, there were bees, flies and wasps, but they were not too bad a problem. The worst problem we encountered is that when the receiver was broken away from the packer, we had a tremendous clean-up chore to pick up the debris and lids that had filtered down and settled under the compactor unit.
Tom Rhodes

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Hello fellow recyclers,
Does anyone have experience with creating loads of plastic bottles in a stationary or break-away compactor unit?  It would be for plastic beverage bottles.
I am wondering if beverage residue has turned bad and smelled or attracted wasps/bees.  Also how easy it was to compact and haul.
Thanks for sharing... I will share research results if anyone asks.

Corri Beth Gottesman
3R Consulting
Recycle Reduce Reuse
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