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Re: [greenyes] Evangelical Concern with Environment
While The Washington Post chose to highlight evangelical concern with environment, it is worth noting that this trend goes back more than a decade and that it is part of a broader inter-faith movement in the United States and worldwide.  Evangelicals played an important role in preserving the Endangered Species Act in the early 1990's.

More recently, in the last Congress (2003-2004), leaders in faith communities worked effectively to oppose oil drilling in ANWR. Many faith leaders brought attention to gas-guzzling vechicles, like SUV's, in a highly visible media campaign targeting automakers in Detroit, and advocate for renewable energy.

Old line environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, have come to recognize that that the religious community plays a vital role in shaping public policy.  World Watch Institute has published on this subject for anyone who may be interested.

Lance King
Community Solutions

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