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[greenyes] EPA Region 9 Resource Conservation Funds: RFIP open
Solicitation now open! Full announcement available at:

Apologies for cross-postings.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 is soliciting
proposals for cooperative agreements that address solid waste reduction
and management. Cooperative agreements will be awarded through Resource
Conservation Funds under the authority of Section 8001 of the Resource
Conservation and Recovery Act.

The aim of this funding is to support innovative ideas with the goal of
fostering positive change. This solicitation describes the program goals
and gives general information on the application and selection process,
pre-proposal format, and evaluation criteria. This solicitation and
additional EPA Region 9 Solid Waste and Pollution Prevention Program
funding information are available on the Internet at:

Goal: To promote recycling and solid waste reduction projects that will:
      -  have a significant national environmental impact; or
      -  address a significant environmental issue in an area of Region
9 with limited waste reduction
      activities; or
      -  foster market mechanisms or market development.

Specifically, EPA Region 9 seeks to fund proposals that fit into one or
more of the following priorities:

      Provide education and outreach, technical assistance or spur
innovative approaches to promote:
            - product stewardship
            - green building
            - buying recycled products/environmentally preferable

      Reducing the generation and disposal of the following materials
and waste streams through reuse, recycling,     composting, or market
            - Construction and demolition debris
            - Green waste and the organic portion of the waste stream
            - Tires
            - Electronics
            - Plastics

Adrienne Priselac
US EPA Region 9
Office of Solid Waste and Pollution Prevention

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