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[greenyes] More on religion and environment
Karl states in part "Waste Management does recycling, right?"
Yes they do.  However everyone forgets that the core business of WM is landfilling.  Recycling - especially single sort has been a marketing tool to secure market share and single vendor contracts.  I have been told that some of the newest contracts given to WM have been 15 & 20 year deals.  Landfills are subject to close scrutiny by federal, state and local governments.  The "money trail" can be traced right to the EPA and everyone knows how this administration has been a great friend of the environment.  Don't be fooled by the wolf(WM?) in a lamb skins.  Have a good look at the campaign contributions of ALL landfill operators to political candidates, especially at the local level.  ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY.
Regards... C. William
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"Make every day an Earth Day."

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