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Re: [greenyes] earth friendly pens/pencils?


We are probably the largest producer/distributor of recycled pens and pencils in the U.S.

While we have primarily focused on the promotional products market, we are in the very early stages of supplying products packaged for retail. If you wish to work with us on this endeavor, you can be amongst the first to offer some new items in the office products category.  We also started manufacturing a few other items that might fit nicely into your product line. Let's talk soon. I'm back to working *almost* full-time after being mostly off for the last 4 months having back surgeries.

Dan Weisenbach   direct line: 614-251-8444

Weisenbach Specialty Printing and Manufacturing Inc.

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 09:41:36 -0500, Stephen N Weisser wrote:
> Goodmorning,
> We are looking for high quality earth friendly (recycled or corn
> starch or refillable) pens and pencils to include in our green
> office supply/paper catalog.
> If anyone has any product suggestions (or suggestions of where to
> search) it would be most appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Steve Weisser
> GreenLine Paper
> Stephen N. Weisser, Sales Manager
> GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
> 631 S. Pine Street
> York, PA  17403
> 717-845-8697
> stevew@no.address

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