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[greenyes] Last ZERI training in U.S. starts 3/10-13 in CO
Hi all,

I agree with Gary that ZERI training is the most rigorous program currently available on how to get to Zero Waste. I participated in the first 12-day training group (3 4-day weekends in Santa Fe, current sessions in Durango, CO). It was Gunter Pauli who introduced me to the importance of cycling industrial processes through the Five Kingdoms (bacteria, algae, fungi, plants, and animals) as nature does in order to eliminate wastes. Waste from one kingdom becomes food for another; in passing through all five kingdoms, what are toxic and pollutants to us are changed, refined, re-generated in other, non-toxic forms. The truth of this was reinforced just last week at a Vermi-symposium in Springfield, Illinois where Chad Hurley of New Horizon Organics is remediating oil refinery wastes using a highly fungally-dominated vermicompost in conjunction with compost teas that also contain high numbers of bacteria, protozoa, nematodes. As a trained biologist and one who has worked with worms for the past thirty years, I was blown away by the possibilities for developing sustainable systems in the ZERI training. It's a big commitment, but a life-changing one and, I feel, well worth it.

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Apologies for Cross-Postings

I strongly encourage anyone interested in Zero Waste to participate in this=
ZERI training, particularly those involved with composting.  I attended a=20
one-day ZERI training and found the concepts to be extremely=20
valuable.  This Certification Program is the most rigorous program=20
currently available for how to get to Zero Waste.

Gary Liss
From: "Katherine Holt" <katherine@no.address>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 10:21:15 -0700

Announcement for
ZERI Certification Training Course

Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) is a systems-based approach=
to economic and social development that views waste as resource that allows=
communities and businesses to do more with what Nature produces rather than=
forcing Nature to produce more (i.e., depleting natural resources or=20
genetic manipulation).

ZERI (<> was founded by Gunter Pauli in=20
1994 in response to the alarming pressure humanity is putting on the=20
environment. The ZERI production and consumption model makes sustainable=20
development possible by understanding and working in concert with natural=20
systems. It shifts our concept of industry as a linear process=ADwhere waste=
is an expected by-product=ADto a concept of a system in which all=
are used to stimulate further production.

ZERI Certification Training is designed to provide a deep understanding of=
systems thinking and development of skills in using the ZERI methodology.=20
Upon completion of training and certification, individuals will be able to:

=B7          Apply systems thinking to design ZERI projects in collaborative=
efforts that could involve community and business leaders, state and=20
federal agencies, schools, non profit organizations, universities and=20
technical institutes, scientists, engineers, etc.

=B7          Challenge current unsustainable practices in organizations and=
communities and help people see that exciting alternatives exist.

=B7          Inspire others to think differently about doing more with what=
Nature produces to produce less waste and more economic value.

=B7          Bring new depth to their current careers =96 or open up whole=
career possibilities.

=B7          Understand that =96 below the radar =96 there is a way of=
working and living in the world that is very positive, practical, hopeful=20
and real.

The 2005 ZERI Certification Training is an extremely intense course which=20
includes a total of 12 training days over 3 months. The three 4-day modules=
will be held March 10-13, April 16-19 and June 9-12 at Fort Lewis College=20
in Durango, Colorado. Participants MUST attend ALL modules in order to=20
become certified. The team of instructors includes Gunter Pauli as the lead=
trainer, as well as Dick White and Katherine Holt. We anticipate this will=
be the last U.S. training with Gunter Pauli until 2008!

You can learn more about the training at:=20

This training is being co-sponsored by Peakinsight LLC and the=20
Environmental Center at Fort Lewis College. Peakinsight LLC fosters=20
catalytic connections between people, organizations, and the environment to=
impact how business will operate profitably and evolve sustainably in the=20
future. The Environmental Center is a resource for social and ecological=20
awareness, dialogue, and activism in the college, community, and=20
surrounding region.

The application deadline is February 21, 2005. Please contact Katherine or=
Carol (see below) to receive a copy of the announcement and application=20
form =96 or to request an extension of the application deadline.

Carol Stoner
970-247-1180 (phone)
970-247-1182 (fax)
Mary Appelhof, Author, Worms Eat My Garbage
Flowerfield Enterprises, 10332 Shaver Road,
Kalamazoo, MI 49024 269-327-0108

"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

Subscribe to free WormEzine at

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