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[greenyes] paper collection -- AND ORGANICS
Several people have asked followup questions about our bag system for fibres.

The bags are REUSABLE and very sturdy, made of heavy-gauge LDPE, with a bright yellow for MWP and bright blue for ONP. They are emptied into separate compartments on the trucks and the bags left behind. They are heavy enough that they do not "blow away" into trees and bushes like t-shirt bags, but they do sometimes "slide away" into the neighbour's area (i.e. not far).

(Food waste is collected separately only in one community in our metropolitan region (a small suburb that started the program in the mid 1990s - it is not flourishing). Garburators are no doubt common in our area -- regrettably, because our sewage treatment system is primitive and not slated for full upgrade for 50 years despite fast population growth. Now that our province has established an excellent omnibus regulation for EPR (text not available yet on line, but I can send pdf to interested recipients), the NEXT PRESSING PRIORITY for us here in BC is source-separated organics programs.

The Recycling Council of BC is developing content for our annual conference (June 1 - 3, in Harrison Hot Springs BC) and I invite anyone with valuable information to share to contact me about participating in the conference.



At 09:37 AM 2/18/2005, you wrote:
1.    what happens with the bags?  are they collected, too? or emptied and left/returned?
2.    what happens with food waste?  are food waste disposers common in Vancouver?

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