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[greenyes] Washington Post article today on E-Waste
The Washington Post article about E-waste today, "Dead Electronics Going to Waste", by Juliet Eilperin, includes some interesting data and raises more questions than it answers. Comments on the article on feedback on the questions below would be appreciated.

For example, the article states that:

* e-waste has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the country's solid waste stream, and technology products now account for as much as 40 percent of the lead in U.S. landfills, according to EPA.  [Question:  Does anyone have data on how long it takes lead to enter the water or air from landfills?]

* Environmentalists say that computers, televisions and other advanced devices contain neurotxins and carcinogens such as lead and beryllium metal "that are leaching into waterways and entering the air through burning or dust." [Questions:  Who is the most authoritative primary source on this subject, since none is cited?  Which environmentalists do you think she relied upon?]

*  "Americans dispose of 2 million tone of electronic products a year -- including 50 million computers and 130 million cell phones --and by 2010, the nation will be discarding 400 million electronic units annually, according to the International Association of Electronics Recyclers."  [Question:  Can anyone provide some perspective on this association, their membership, programs and history?]

*   While the article mentions state legislation from "Maine to California" and references Ted Smith of the Silcon Valley Toxics Coalition saying federal officials could do more to make electronics more environmentally benign, nothing is said about legislative proposals being introduced in 2005.  [Question:  Does GRRN or the e-waste campaign have a legislative update for 2005?]

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