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Re: [greenyes] e-waste information --more answers.
Green Yesers:

In 2003 there were about 52 e-waste bills in state hoppers;  in 2004 there were
about 36.  It is too new to see what will happen in 2005, there are only about
two e-waste bills introduced so far that we have seen.

Yes we have detailed information - I have to charge for it because I have no
government or advertisers support.

And FYI there seem to be THREE electronics recyclers associations:
IAER, ISRI division, and a new one in Massachusetts.  There seems to be
disagreement over what constitutes appropriate export.

Also note that there is disagreement over whether hazarous chemcials are
leaching from landfills or not. (Check SWANA's reports)

We are doing a teleconference on China WEE/RoHS  Feb 7.

The Take it Back! conference will include a whole day on WEEE, and a day on
RoHS.  March 7-9

We have also updated our report "Electronics Recycling: What to Expect from
Global Mandates" for 2005.

Michele Raymond (Home)
Recycling Laws International
Cell 240-472-5676

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