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[greenyes] Recycling Plan for Nature Center
The Oregon Department of Forestry is constructing a new and exciting
facility in the heart of the Tillamook State Forest. The Tillamook
Forest Center project was planned and designed with sustainability in
mind. The staff is starting to develop a "recycling plan" for the center
and surrounding grounds and could use some help. Do any of you have or
are aware of a facility (like a nature center or park complex) that has
developed such a plan?

Please send any information or contacts to me.

Steve Apotheker
Senior Recycling Analyst
Waste Reduction, Planning & Outreach
600 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97232-2736
(503) 797-1698
(503) 797-1795 fax

Metro is a regional government serving three counties
and 24 cities in the Portland, Oregon region.

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