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RE: [greenyes] Artist seeks access to consumer waste
Hi Chris --

greenGoat is a non-profit consultancy helping construction companies find
markets for construction and demolition debris. We are currently working on
a 'found art' show with Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts on
their upcoming Trashformations East show (opening Jan 30th).

Our involvement is twofold:
- one is to contrast the cultural, economic, and environmental opportunities
in trash for our prospective clientele
- two is to encourage local construction and demolition companies to
commission the artists related to the show (and others) to create art out of
demolition debris 'on site' during centrally-located projects.

I'd welcome your ideas and involvement, as I personally have a long history
with both recycling and the arts. While the artistic market isn't all that
scalable, particularly for commercial demolition, it certainly beckons the
community, the press, and a general sense of whimsy. All those are good,
and I'd be glad to hook you up with whatever markets I have.

Yours very truly,

Amy Bauman
Director of Business Development
617-504-2095 (mobile)

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From: chris jordan [mailto:cj@no.address]
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 6:32 PM
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Subject: [greenyes] Artist seeks access to consumer waste

Hello, I am Chris Jordan, a Seattle-based photographic artist who
specializes in American consumerism (my website is below). I am looking for
photographic opportunities around the country-- anywhere where there are
huge quantities of stuff related to our consumer society. This could be
landfills, dumps, recycling yards, car junkyards, computer dumps, piles of
discarded X-mas trees, etc.; the main criteria is staggering quantities of
whatever the thing is. I would love the help of anyone on the list to find
these places and hook up with people who have access. Thank you in advance
for any suggestions or help you can provide.


~cj <>

chris jordan photography

6711 10th Ave NW
Seattle WA 98117 USA
ph 206 706 1550

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