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RE: [greenyes] Americans break record for beverage containerswasted
Re: [greenyes] Americans break record for beverage containers wastedDavid
and everyone......regarding David's questions about "wasted" beverage
containers and partnering to attack the business equation......

Wasted beverage containers by material type....
While we do not have estimates for container materials recovered and not
recovered from the waste stream by material type for 2004, we do have
"estiates" (CRI's estimates) for containers recovered and wasted by material
type and by beverage type for 2002. I will ask Jenny Gitlitz to get those
numbers off to you and to the Greenyes listserve tomorrow when she returns
from vacation.

Partnering to attack the business equation....
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, but CRI is looking to partner
with groups, municipalities and businesses in 2005 to reduce beverage
container waste. More on that in coming weeks.........

Best in 2005,

Pat Franklin
PS Thanks for your kind remarks David, and for your appreciation of our
Patricia Franklin
Executive Director
Container Recycling Institute
1601 North Kent Street, Suite 803
Arlington, VA 22209-2105
TEL: 703.276.9800
FAX: 703.276.9587
EMAIL: pfranklin@no.address

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[Pat Franklin]
From: David Biddle [mailto:Dbiddle@no.address]
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 8:57 AM
To: Pat Franklin; Green Yes
Subject: Re: [greenyes] Americans break record for beverage containerswasted

Pat, et al-

Is there a breakdown for how much of each commodity has been collected
(and not collected)? Also, a breakdown for how much for each major sector
(residential, workplace, etc.)? Two basic reasons for this question:

1. We see, virtually everywhere, that glass and aluminum recovery in
businesses and institutions has been discontinued in existing programs. In
many cases, the recycling receptacles are still in place, but custodians
have been instructed to trash. In cases where people are starting up
programs, they just go for cardboard and/or office paper. No beverage
containers at all.

2. Curbside programs that don?t collect plastic, like Philly?s, inevitably
lose opportunities as more and more products move from glass to plastic
containerization. A number of programs are also discontinuing glass

Just curious. I don?t doubt that citizens are less inclined to avail
themselves of recycling opportunities when they have them as well. Without
doubt, if there is a way we can work in partnership with CRI to attack
the business equation, let us know.

Thanks for all your tireless work and advocacy.

David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


Go to <> and choose the ?All dates?
option for articles by ?David Biddle?

on 12/30/04 3:35 PM, Pat Franklin at pfranklin@no.address

1601 North Kent Street, Suite 803
Arlington, Virginia 2220

News Release Contact: Pat
December 30, 2004

Americans break record for beverage containers wasted
129 billion bottles and cans trashed in 2004

Washington, DC ? Americans threw away a record number of bottles and
according to newly released numbers from the Container Recycling
(CRI). ?The decline in recycling is due to two factors,? said Pat
executive director of CRI, ?lack of opportunities and lack of incentives

?In just one year we?ve dumped a staggering 129 billion beverage
in trash cans instead of recycling bins,? said Franklin, ?60% more than
1990. Those glass, aluminum and plastic containers (411 for every man,
woman and child in America) could have been used to make new cans or
bottles, fleece jackets, carpets and a myriad of other items.?

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