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Re: [greenyes] paper composting, glossy paper recycling

There is a reason why recycling is higher than composting in the
resource management hierarchy. The majority of energy in the paper life
cycle is spent to manufacture paper from the wood chips (as opposed to
growing trees, transporting the paper to retailer, recycling collection
and processing). Thus, recycling will save most of the manufacturing
energy, but you lose all of it when you compost it. You also lose the
avoided costs of other raw materials (water, bleaching chemicals) and
the reduction in other environmental impacts (air, water pollution) when
you don't recycle paper. It is important to keep working on making
paper products recyclable instead of being content to compost them. For
example, waxed corrugated cardboard should be and can be designed to be
recyclable and we should not be content to collect it with food scraps
for composting.

>>> <EcoWaters@no.address> 12/26/04 6:16:08 AM >>>

At the risk of being simplistic or perhaps just simple: I've gradually
into composted paper, starting with tissues, paper towels (which I no
use---it takes a month of living without to break this habit and to put
my old
bandanas to use), and significant paper (ripping up cards from loved
ones and
putting them in the compost pile feels more tender than putting them in
recycle bin). I put them in a half-gallon compost pail with bits of
rinse water
from dishes, etc., to soften it up. (I also use urine, which needs a
source to bind up its nitrogen.) Every few days, I dump this in the
bin. Soaking the paper makes all the difference and avoids the use of a
(mine is out of commission).

I've been using the glossy advertisers as packaging for our books,
them in glossy, which transfers less ink to the book than newsprint,
inserting them in manila envelopes. This is less expensive than using

Another list I'm on showed a method for rolling fire-starter logs out
waste paper.

Carol Steinfeld

In a message dated 12/25/04 4:14:17 PM, greenyes-digest-help@no.address
> Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 18:11:18 -0600
> To: <greenyes@no.address>
> From: "Bradley Abbott" <bradwabbott@no.address>
> Subject: Junk Mail Paper Composting
> I like the idea of composting paper but I have never actually done
it. I
> have seen information, particularly related to vermiculi composting,
> advises against composting any painted or glossy paper due to toxins.
> a good amount of junk mail and magazines are either glossy,
ink-laden, or
> both, I feel like I am missing an opportunity. I would love to use
> glossy and inked paper for something. Is there any way to treat this
> to remove the gloss and/or ink toxins? Alternatively, is there
> else I can do with the ink/glossy papers besides composting and
> recycling? I would love to shred this stuff and use it in my garden
or in
> other household applications. Any ideas, information, or resources
is much
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Brad

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