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RE: [greenyes] Composting vs. Landfillling


Susan, do you know who your brother's hauler is? It's not the City of
Austin's program since we take glass. It sounds like your brother lives in
the county or an unincorporated area of Austin which has privatized
services. BFI's MRF in Austin does not take glass currently. Sounds like
the contract for your brother's area did not require recycling of glass. He
is probably only paying around $10-$12/month for garbage and recycling
services and he probably does not have separate collection of yard trimmings

Glass (especially green) is a problem in this area of the country too since
there are no glass recycling plants near Austin. The City of Austin
collects all colors of glass. Currently, we grind it up to make processed
glass aggregate, and it's used for landscaping, roads, etc... In the past
we were able to sell the clear and brown glass which had to be shipped to

Hope this helps,
Katherine Murray
City of Austin Solid Waste Services
Waste Diversion Planner

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