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[greenyes] Take Action: Tell MS and J&J to the PVC-Free Pledge.

Hi Greenyes Members,

In coordination with the Center For Health and Environmental
Justice's with BeSafe PVC campaign at,
GRRN is hosting two action letters asking Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson
to "Take the PVC-Free Pledge!"

Quoting from the action center - :

"PVC poses serious environmental and public health threats in every stage of
it's life cycle. The chemicals used to produce PVC are toxic and poison both
workers and communities near production facilities. In use, PVC plastic
products can leach harmful chemical additives. PVC can not be economically or
practically recycled. Disposal of PVC in landfills poses long term threats of
groundwater pollution, dioxin-forming landfill fires, and the release of toxic
landfill gases. Burning PVC in incinerators creates highly toxic dioxins.
Viable alternatives to PVC plastic are available and major companies like
Nike, Firestone and Samsung are already eliminating this poison plastic. For
more information please visit BeSafe's PVC page [URL above]"

Won't you take a moment now to help suggest a more ethical course of action
Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson today?

Happy Holidays,

GreenYes listmaster

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