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[greenyes] Soggy Lettuce Report -- Waste of Money and Resources

I thought you might find this study of interest.

Based on interviews with 1,000 people (age 16 and older), a UK report
estimates that the adults in their country waste £ 1,725 (about $3,300) per
adult a year, with the total amount of resources wasted larger than the
national UK government budgets "... on transport, defence, industry,
agriculture, employment, housing and the environment combined."

The single largest source of waste is food purchased and discarded ($800 a
year), with lettuce topping the list as most frequently thrown away, being
discarded in an average week by 61% of those interviewed. Close behind were
bread being thrown away weekly by 60% of those interviewed, fruit by 57%,
milk by 45%, etc. Even unfinished bottles of wine were discarded by 17% of
the people in an average week.

Other examples of wasted money and resources:

- a third of people said that they bought books that they never read
- a quarter bought CDs or DVDs that they never listened to or
- almost two-thirds of the women said that they bought clothes on
sale that
they never wore or wore only once or twice
- men spent an average of $180 a year on electrical gadgets and
computer equipment that they rarely used.

The report looks at five categories of people and the reasons that they
waste; one of the startling conclusions is that 13% of those interviewed
admitted that "...they get some pleasure out of a little waste."

The report is 15 pages long and on the internet at:

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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