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[greenyes] Call for Presentations: May e-conference

SWANA's Communication, Education & Marketing Division
Inaugural E-Conference
May 4, 11, 18, 2005

Do you have a waste-related marketing campaign that worked wonders?
A school education program that was a success?
We'd love to hear from you!

We're looking for creative presentation ideas that highlight unique
approaches and solutions to CEM-related issues within the solid waste
Proposal Deadline - January 28, 2005

What is the CEM E-Conference?

In May of 2005, SWANA's Communication, Education and Marketing Technical
Division (CEM) will be holding SWANA's first ever, completely on-line
technical conference. You can help other professionals in the solid waste
industry gain practical information by sharing your experiences on a variety
of topics. All from from the comfort of your own office and without needing
a travel budget approved!

Suggested Topics and Submittal Details

* Using new technologies in communication/education
* Crisis communication / disaster response
* Working with public officials
* Media relations
* Coordinating special events
* School education programs
* Creating and executing community awareness campaigns
* Outreach to multi-cultural audiences
* Website development
* Advertising (for print, radio, television, etc.)
* Direct mail campaigns, brochures, newsletters
* Alternative marketing methods (e.g. online campaigns, promotional
products, billboards, etc.)

Proposals should be maximum 500 words and should include a title,
biographical sketch, and presenter contact information. We strongly
encourage presentations that offer supplemental audio/visual content - you
have the option to use audio clips, streaming video, and polling questions.
Questions about a potential presentation? - Contact Steve Ridzon @
1-800-GO-SWANA or sridzon@no.address <mailtsridzon@no.address>.
Please e-mail proposals to: sridzon@no.address
You may also mail your proposals to:
SWANA, Attn: Steve Ridzon, 1100 Wayne Ave., Suite 700, Silver Spring, MD

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