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[greenyes] Biodegradable DVDs and Compostable Bottles

With all the posts relative to PLA I thought some might find interesting
some news posted in the National Biomass Initiative newsletter:
Pioneer Develops Biodegradable DVD
Pioneer, a Japanese home electronics company, has developed a
biodegradable DVD made primarily of corn starch. In addition to being
biodegradable, the new DVD is also expected to be considerably less
expensive to produce. The new DVDs are expected to be released into the
marketplace within one to two years. Sony and Sanyo, two other
electronics companies, have also developed similar corn-based DVDs.
Click here for more information
World's First Compostable Plastic Bottle
BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. has begun selling a compostable and
biodegradable water bottle made of corn. The corn-based plastic was
developed by Cargill-Dow. This development is significant because,
according to the Container Recycling Institute, more than 89 percent of
the water bottles produced end up as trash or litter. Additionally, the
corn-based plastic generates fewer emissions during production than
traditional petroleum-based plastics. BIOTA debuted the corn-based
bottles in Colorado, is currently distributing them in Los Angeles, CA,
and plans to distribute them throughout southern California.
Click here for more information

Bruce Maine

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