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[greenyes] Glass Prices in Chapel Hill/Raleigh North Carolina

Orange Co. NC's recycling program ships to the CRA here in Raleigh NC
(~25 mile trip) . There are three bottle making plants within a 90 mile
radius of CRA (so maybe that helps) For the past two years our program
has received $27/ton for clear, $17 for brown and b/w (-$12) and 0 for
green; its $0 now up from (-$12). Our program is source-separated and
we sell what we pick up from three sources, dropoff multifamily &
commercial glass. Curbside is source sep. but contracted; contractor
owns & markets all commodities. Our in-house annual total glass is about
1,400 tpy. We colllect then dump the source-separated on our own pad,
pick it, then send to CRA in 20 CY rolloffs. so it's pretty clean going
in. CRA has an optical sorter, but they typically don't need to use it
to process 'our' glass. Loads that we deem too contaminated to pick are
landfilled now but in three months, we will be crushing all contam loads
and all green to use on site as gravel, etc.
Prices shown are delivered and NOT net of any of our upstream
processing or transpo costs. BP

Glass recycling price drops here too
1955 by: "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address>

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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 08:09:11 -0600
To: 'andrew bennett' <andrewitalian@no.address>, greenyes@no.address
From: "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address>
Subject: RE: [greenyes] Glass recycling price drops here too
Message-ID: <1AE676D5B7BB9C479D08D9278C6DFB5488FD35@no.address>

Hi Andrew ~

We ship to the CRA facility in East Troy, WI, and then some of our
glass is
moved on to CRA's Chicago facility. Our prices include the deduction
transportation, and perhaps, some contamination from our two-stream

Besides dropping two months ago, our prices were again dropped for


> -----Original Message-----
> From: andrew bennett [mailto:andrewitalian@no.address]
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 8:15 PM
> To: greenyes@no.address
> Subject: RE: [greenyes] Glass recycling price drops here too
> Hello, I'm Andrew Bennett from Mc Henry County
> Defenders (we operate a not for profit recycling
> facility NW of Chicago) and we send our glass to
> Container Recycling Alliance facility in Beloit
> Wisconsin and I believe it is a part of Recycle
> America which I think it is a part of WM. Glass
> prices dropped for us 2 months ago but we are getting
> $16 ton for clear, 14 for brown and nothing for green.
> After shipping we will end up with no more than a 200
> income which doesn't include all the labor. If prices
> drop further were it doesn't cover shipping we may
> have to discontine glass collection.
> We operate a drop off center were people sort the
> glass by color and then it gets checked before it is
> crushed into gaylords so it has fairly low
> contamination. This might be why we get more than
> John, or maybe they give us a break being not for
> profit.
> I hope some of this helps.
> --- Susan Hubbard <susanh@no.address> wrote:
> > John is CRA WMI's container recycling alliance? If
> > not, who is CRA? Is your
> > glass from a single stream program? If so, then does
> > this glass have to go
> > to an optical sorter or is it used in a low value
> > application - like
> > aggregate?
> >
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> > Eureka Recycling
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