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[greenyes] methane emissions from municipal solid waste disposal sites

A Green Peace PrizePeter and others:
Have you seen the following publication on methane emissions from municipal solid waste disposal sites:

Qualitative assessment of methane emission inventory from municipal solid waste disposal sites: a case study
Sunil Kumar, A.N. Mondal, S.A. Gaikwad, Sukumar Devotta and R.N. Singh
Atmospheric Environment 38(29) (2004) 4921-4929

note that it can be obtained in Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2004
Virtual Journal of Environmental Sustainability. For online access to the abstracts and full-text articles of this issue, please visit the home page of the Virtual Journal at

I only read the abstract. What I've not seen in a paper is a theoretical analysis of the comparison of the GHG emissions and the overall impacts for the following cases:
1. A batch of MSW or green wastes are processed in a bio-reactor and flared or burned. Are the emissions quantities and qualities from a biorecator (CO2 and NOx) less impactful than the methane quantities and qualities??
2. The GHG emissions and impacts (methane and CO2 and NOx and NH4 emissions) for the same quantity of waste that is composted to a humus or soil instead of left to sit in a hole forever.

Call me ignorant but I'm not certain what these cases produce but the answers and results would help me to more clearly understand what policies are best to strive for. Can you point me to this info?
Without the info. My thinking is that it might be better to use a bioreactor and collect-and-convert the emissions but I have some reservations because I'm not in love with burning things and in terms of perma-culture it seems more "natural" to let things degrade more slowly then burning things. Obviously we want to reduce our wastes overall, and we want to return nutrients to the soil for bioavailability. But these issues do not regard the stratosphere.

Toni Stein

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