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[greenyes] the global giant speaks about "the recycling economy"

Hi all,

I sort of monitor the global press on zero waste, and I never see
anything out of China . until today from the People's Daily Online. I
found the words and intentions to closely parallel the Zero Waste
doctrine. very exciting!


Recycling economy the core to economic planning

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Mr. Ma Kai, head of the National Development and Reform Commission,
stressed in an article that it is China's pressing task to promote its
recycling industry to ease the resources bottlenece, reduce pollution,
improve the country's economic efficiency, cope with the
neo-protectionism in world trade, and score sustainable development.
He concentrated on the efficiency of resources use in the five phases of
the whole process chain involving resources, that is, the exploitation,
industrial consumption, waste production, regenerative resources and
social consumption.
He urged technical and systematic innovations to optimize the way of
resources use so that resources can produce more benefits and less
wastes. With this in mind, he was considering the following measure to
give the recycling sector a spur.
It is on the idea of recycling economy that various visions for the 11th
Five-year Plan should be built. More researches should be made on this
issue. Preparation of masterplan for key areas of recycling economy,
such as energy saving, water saving, comprehensive use of resources, and
recycling of regenerative resources, will proceed faster. Evaluation
system, strategic goals and promotion schemes will all be in place.
The tertiary and hi-tech industries with low energy consumption and low
pollutants emission will get more stimuli. Traditional industries should
be upgraded. The philosophy of recycling economy should be the
cornerstone for any blueprints of the regional economy, industrial
transformation and revival of old industrial base.
A perfect legal system is necessary for recycling economy. Top on the
priority now is the drafting of regulations on comprehensive use of
resources, recycling of used appliance and electronic products,
recycling and reuse of tires and packaging materials. Standards of the
recycling economy will be set soon.
Reforms on policies of investment, pricing, taxation and enterprises
will serve to have favorable conditions in place to facilitate the
recycling economy.
Technological breakthroughs should be made on resources saving and
substitutes, chain of energy use, prolonged industrial chain, zero waste
emission, substitutes for toxic raw materials, recycling and treatment,
and environmental friendly re-producing.
Pilot projects will be conducted in key sectors, fields, industrial
parks and cities.
By People's Daily Online

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle, Inc
Boulder, CO

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