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[greenyes] FW: Planet earth - MSW arisings believed to have grown by 7% during 2004, to 1.84 bn tonnes

Has anyone seen the full report?


Global Waste Management Market Report 2004 from Research & Markets analyses
the global waste management market and mainly focuses on the generation of
municipal waste.We estimate that, in 2004, the total amount of municipal
waste generated will be 1.84 billion tonnes, an increase of around 7% on

The consultants estimate that, between 2004 and 2008, global generation of
municipal waste will rise by 31.1%. In the future, trends in global waste
management depend on each major country and its state of development. In the
EU, there is a wide range of legislation and programmes that are designed to
dispose of waste in a more environmentally acceptable manner. Eastern
European countries, especially those that are preparing to join the EU, are
falling in line with the goals of EU policy.

The US also has legislation and targets for waste management. For the
majority of countries, waste generation continues to grow and even in
developed economies where comprehensive strategies have been developed, the
amount of waste generated rises with GDP. The regions facing the greatest
waste management challenge are developing economies that have high GDP
growth rates and industrial facilities that now produce a number of the
world's goods.

For more information on the study (which seems to cost around C$2,000) see
the authors' website at:


Lu White

Waste-Free Campaigner

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Ph:04 801 5297

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