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[greenyes] Computer TakeBack Campaign unveils new voting

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your continued support of the Computer TakeBack Campaign. In the last two and half years, activists around the US and throughout the world have been a central component of CTBC's efforts to persuade Dell, Inc. to support the CTBC's goals and platform. The campaign has been marked by much progress and as a result of Dell's improvements, we are now investigating options to focus on a new corporate campaign target. The new campaign is just beginning, and we would like your help in selecting our next campaign target! Here's what you can do:

Cast Your Vote for who you think is the largest E-Waste Promoter and Polluter! (and we promise there will be no hanging chads!!)

While Hewlett Packard and Dell have now endorsed the CTBC's Statement of Principles and are supporting producer responsibility bills in states around the U.S., many other manufacturers of consumer and business electronics have been dragging their feet and are still producing computers, televisions, and other electronics products that have limited life spans, very limited reuse options, and - to top it all of - are highly toxic!

The Campaign has selected 6 of these companies and put them on our new "Watch List" while we determine which company will become the next target of the campaign. Each of these companies has been working to shift the costs for collecting and recycling electronic waste onto the backs of consumers or taxpayers.

Help the Computer TakeBack Campaign decide who we should target next ---VOTE ON-LINE NOW at:

So vote now and tell your friends and we will keep you posted as we decide who should be the next campaign target.

Thanks for your support!

The Computer TakeBack Campaign

Ted Smith
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
760 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 287-6707

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