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[greenyes] "Zero Waste" & Other Policy Topics in Developing Nations

Fellow Greenyes'ers

For those of you interested in following green issues in the developing world, you may wish to consider receiving my free monthly summary of EHS law/policy news in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in your e-mail. Although covering more than just waste and recycling issues, given my work, there is of course a heavy bias toward these issues. Just as a quick self-check on this bias, I did a search of the 174 news items for 2004 currently on my website (yes, the news archives are searchable!), and found that 51 of these dealt with waste policy in some way, 17 with recycling, 8 with plastics, 8 with batteries, 5 with scrap tires, 4 with fluorescent lamps, 3 with WEEE and 3 involving C&D wastes. Maybe LAC is more active on these issues than you had thought, eh?

Other issues covered include biotech (15 news entries), hazardous substances (10) and ecolabeling (2).

Subscribing is easy and FREE. Go to <> and enter your e-mail address in the appropriate slot on the lefthand panel.

To give you an idea of the types of issues covered in the monthly summaries, I've copied below some of the headlines from the issue for September 2004.

Best Regards,


Argentina: Zero Waste Law proposed in CABA's Legislature

Mexico: Bill Proposed to Change Time Limit on Claims for Environmental Liability

Argentina: Proposal to Ratify ILO Instruments on Asbestos

Peru: Bill Introduced on Environmental Liabilities of the Hydrocarbon Sector

Brazil: SP Bill to Create Take-Back/Producer Responsibility for Compact Discs

Brazil: Bill to Require Special Labeling for Fluorescent Lamps

Mexico: New NOM on Mine Tailings & Mine Tailing Dams Issued

Argentina: Bill Proposed to Make Waste Law Violations or Noncompliance a Federal Offense

Brazil: Superior Court Permits Importation of Used Tires

Chile: CONAMA Announces Work Plan on a National Policy on Integral Management of Solid Wastes

Argentina: New Proposal on Labeling of Foods Containing GMOs

Peru: Conam Issues Draft National Waste Plan for Public Discussion

Peru: Bill Proposed to Strengthen the National Environmental Management System

Mexico: SEMARNAT Releases for Public Comment Formal Proposal for Regulation Implementing Waste Law

Argentina: New Proposal on Environmental Crimes

Peru: Proposal for Financial Guarantees for Meeting the Requisites and Deadlines in Instruments of Environmental Management

Brazil: IBAMA to Put Licensing Process Online By Year-End

Mexico: Greens Propose Amendment of DF's Waste Law Regarding "Special Wastes"

Global: 14 Chemicals Added to Rotterdam Convention PIC Procedure

Peru: Bill Would Require Warning Labels for Products Potentially Harmful to Minors

Mexico: Bill Proposed to Create Special Body to Oversee Implementation of DF's Waste Law

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