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RE: [greenyes] U.S. Trade Policy

In response to John Reindl, yes, mining and timber subsidies are the
next frontier for environmentalists at the WTO. Progressive Policy
Institute is one group seeking to add discussion of forestry and mining
subsidies to the already loud discussion of farm subsidies (which many
argue are most unfair to Africa). However, I don't think enough people
in recycling are focused on John's point, that subsidies of raw
materials hurt RECYCLERS.

The World Bank has actually required nations seeking raw material
development loans to bite the bullet and show they can compete with
established raw material exporters. This has led Philippines and
Indonesia to legislate adaptations of the USA's 1872 General Mining Act,
administered by the Bureau of Land Management. I guess it is easier to
get developing nations to adapt the subsidy than it is to get the USA to
drop ours.

Under the terms of the GMA, set in 1872, the extraction companies pay $5
per acre. All the minerals (gold etc.) belong 100% to the mining
company, there are no taxpayer royalties. All the superfund site
cleanups fall predominately on the federal government (14/15 largest SF
sites are metal mines, 95% of all metal mines are on federal land). The
$5/acre fees do not pay for the SALARIES of the land lease
administrators at the BLM.

And for extra trivia points.... Who is the Asst. Secretary of (Dept of
Interior's) Bureau of Land Management?? LYNN SCARLETT of Reason
Foundation - the "anti-recycling subsidy" think tank of 10 years ago).

The General Mining Act of 1872 is the most environmentally harmful
export from the USA. I hope others will take the interest in it that
John is showing.

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 08:07:23 -0500
To: GreenYes <greenyes@no.address>
From: "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address>
Subject: RE: [greenyes] U.S. Trade Policy
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On the issue of tax subsidies and the wTO, does anyone have any
information about why the subsidies for mining and forestry are also not
being brought before the WTO?...

John Reindl
Dane County, WI

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