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[greenyes] Interesting European Debate and Nobel Peace Prize

Jerry Powell said, " Some anti-war activists =
are questioning why the Nobel committee did not select someone working
on more traditional peace issues, especially those working in the Middle
East, Iraq, Iran, etc., at this time in the world's political history. "

and interesting comments have flowed from Ric Anthony and David Biddle. I haven't seen the debates from the European community, but I remember being horrified several months ago that George Bush was among the nominees for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. . . huh??? Were they thinking of HIM?

I think Wangari deserves it.

Mary Appelhof
Mary Appelhof, Author, Worms Eat My Garbage

"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

The Russian Worm Connection featured in WormEzine. Access at

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