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[greenyes] FW: Query re: landfill bans in your state

Hello, greenyessers. Our state recycling association (Colorado
Association for Recycling) is making a concerted effort to introduce
some legislation at the state level. This is not easy in Colorado, but
the banning of certain items from landfills is growing some legs, and if
you can provide our Executive Director any information on the questions
below, we'd really appreciate it. Please respond directly to Marjie
Griek. Her contact information is at the bottom of her email below.


Linda Smith
Community Outreach Manager

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Subject: Query re: landfill bans in your state

Please forward this email as appropriate. Thank you.

The Colorado Association for Recycling would like to explore the idea of
legislative bans on the landfilling of used oil, whole tires and
lead-acid batteries. Any of you with past experience could help us by
answering some/all of the following questions.

1. Does your state pay for your landfill ban programs, e.g., to
implement the ban or for regulatory oversight? If so, how are these
activities funded and what mechanism is used? For example, does the
money come from the State's General Fund, from a tax on sales of the
item, from an advanced deposit fee or some other fee? How successful is
the mechanism?

2. Were new fees introduced to cover the costs associated with landfill
bans, or were existing fees expanded or revamped?

3. Where does responsibility for enforcement lie; does it fall to the
landfill operator, to the hauler, the community, the county, the state,
or the private citizen who generates the banned material?

4. Was an increase in illegal dumping shown to occur following your
landfill ban? If so, for how long and what was done about it?

Please contact Marjorie Griek with the Colorado Association for
Recycling at the email address or telephone number listed below. We
appreciate your assistance!

Marjorie Griek
Executive Director
Colorado Association for Recycling
PO Box 11130
Denver, CO 80211-0130
Office phone: 970-535-4053
Cell phone: 720-839-9531
Fax: 970-535-0924
Email: MGriek@no.address or MGriek@no.address

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