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[greenyes] Fwd: [GAIA] Pls. Endorse Zero Waste World Cup 2010

Apologies for Cross-Postings

From: "Manny Calonzo" <mannyc@no.address>
Organization: GAIA

Dear GAIA Members (especially the football fans),

Greetings. We are very pleased to inform you of the
ongoing effort by civil society groups in South Africa
to make the World Cup 2010 a Zero Waste event.
Let us support their initiative to demonstrate once
more the beauty, viability and superiority of the Zero
Waste approach to managing discards. Kindly
endorse the following NGO statement before 15
October 2004.

Thank you in advance for your warm support.

Manny C. Calonzo

NGO Statement of Support for a
Zero Waste World Cup 2010
South Africa

We, representatives of various non-governmental and
civil society organizations working on environment,
health and development issues are honored to
endorse the call for a Zero Waste World Cup in South
Africa in 2010.

Zero Waste seeks to eliminate waste, reduce the
volume and toxicity of materials used, and reclaim,
reuse, recycle or compost discarded materials. Zero
Waste is a goal, a philosophy, a design principle, a
process, a whole system approach, which aims to
conserve the earth's diminishing resources, prevent
rather than manage waste, convert discarded
materials into products and jobs instead of trash, and
replace incinerators, landfills and dumps with
sustainable enterprises that offer employment and
foster local self-reliance.

We believe that implementing a Zero Waste strategy
at the World Cup will yield positive results for South
Africa's environment and economy, and secure a
place for the country as leader in green sporting
events. A Zero Waste World Cup will further:
* Affirm the goal of Zero Waste by 2022 as
adopted at South Africa's first National
Waste Summit (Polokwane Declaration,
September 2001).
* Uphold the demands put forward by
Southern African NGOs for governments to
implement non-incineration waste solutions
that promote waste minimization,
prevention, reuse and recycling (Isipingo
Declaration, April 2002).
* Serve the people's environmental and
health rights as guaranteed by the
Constitution of South Africa (Section 24).

We call upon the organizers to build on the
experience of the Korea Zero Waste Movement in
organizing the "wasteless" Word Cup 2002 in South
Korea, which registered a 43% waste reduction rate.
Furthermore, we implore the organizers to emulate
and enhance the successful implementation of Zero
Waste at the Global Forum of the World Summit on
Sustainable Development in Johannesburg by
Earthlife Africa and the Global Alliance for Incinerator
Alternatives, which diverted over 80% of generated
waste away from landfills and incinerators.

Finally, we urge the government departments, sports
associations, environmental groups, corporate
sponsors and other concerned citizens and athletes to
come together and rise up to the challenge of making
the World Cup 2010 in South Africa a Zero Waste
celebration of the human spirit to unite and succeed.

Endorsed by:

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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