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[greenyes] Request for Applications: CTBC National Campaign Coordinator

Please circulate widely!

The Computer Take Back Campaign is hiring a National Campaign Coordinator. Please see the job description below and forward widely to your lists and to any individuals you think may be interested and qualify.

Request for Applications: 9/24/04

CTBC National Campaign Coordinator
The Computer Take Back Campaign (CTBC) is a diverse coalition of environmental and social justice activists. CTBC?s goal is to protect the health and well being of electronics users, workers, and the communities where electronics are produced and discarded. The campaign advocates requiring consumer electronics manufacturers and brand owners to take full responsibility for the life cycle of their products. To accomplish this goal, CTBC is working to establish extended producer responsibility (EPR), or producer takeback, as the policy tool to promote sustainable production and consumption of consumer electronics (all products with a circuit board). Our growing network currently consists of dozens of grassroots organizations dedicated to the environment, health, labor, and social justice.

CTBC operates in North America without an in-house staff and instead operates with the support of individuals from many organizations. The internal CTBC organizing structure is comprised of 4 working groups, an Executive Committee that coordinates the working groups and facilitates the execution of campaign strategies and projects, and a Steering Committee that oversees the financial decisions and sets the larger agenda for the campaign.

The Computer Take Back Campaign seeks an energetic and experienced leader to work in a leadership team to take significant responsibility for our campaign?s coherence and efficiency, and to help us capitalize on rapidly emerging opportunities to dramatically increase the effectiveness of our network.

A. Coordinator reports to the Steering Committee
B. Campaign Management & Coordination
· Participate with the Steering Committee in establishing the direction and strategy of the campaign;
· Monitoring the overall health and functioning of the campaign, and participating in problem solving, mid-course steering and conflict resolution;
· Coordinating and circulating Steering Committee and Executive Committee agendas and notices in a timely fashion;
· Facilitation of Steering Committee, and participation in Executive Committee and Working Group conference calls;
· Monitoring progress of campaign objectives, and ensuring that long and short-term deadlines and objectives are met;
· Actively advancing policies addressing social equity and the promotion of diversity within the campaign;
· Coordinating strategic planning by developing our campaign strategy and analyzing it for effectiveness, while overseeing its execution within the campaign Working Groups;
· Convene quick response and conference calls;
· Supporting the operations of the Working Groups and operationalizing the Working Group structure;
· Serving as a liaison between the different working groups and facets of the campaign;
· Identifying needs and challenges in workgroups and campaign-wide;
· Work with campaign leaders to strengthen the linkages to international campaigns;
· Working with staff/leaders to facilitate effective responses to opportunities and challenges;
· Manage consultants with the support from campaign leadership;
· Actively participate in grant-writing and fundraising as required;
· Developing indicators of programmatic and fundraising success and tracking progress; setting fundraising goals.

C. Campaign Communication and Outreach (internal and external)
· Oversee development of website to improve functionality as an organizing tool;
· Coordinate coverage of media opportunities and develop a media plan for events, media releases, etc; act as a ?spokesperson? for CTBC;
· Expanding the network of CTBC;
· Oversee laying plans for state and/or national (if needed) legislative work;
· Seeking out and engaging coalition partners to build the coalition;
· Maintain ?quality control? of all formal communications, statements, reports, messages, etc. that CTBC releases to the public.

Required Qualifications(must be met before consideration is made)
· At least 5-10 years experience in the environmental, social justice or public interest arena, with at least 3 years service as a senior manager (ie: President, Vice President, Operations Director, Executive Director or Program Director), or equivalent;
· At least 5 years experience in state and/or national policy work (including a hands-on understanding of state and national legislative procedures) or equivalent.

Supplementary Qualifications
· Experience in fundraising, managing balanced budgets, and grant writing preferred;
· Experience working on a corporate campaign preferred or equivalent;
· Demonstrated knowledge of campaign development with a variety of non-profit campaigns preferred;
· Solid understanding of and experience with non-profit operations and finances, with experience in managing an annual operating budget of $500,000 or more;
· Collaborative leadership style, willing to share information and decision making process with Steering Committee and Working Groups;
· Demonstrated ability to assess campaign and professional development needs;
· Experience with program development and management desired;
· Experience with progressive advocacy non-profits desired;
· Knowledge of the electronic waste problem and the Producer Take Back policy solution preferred, with the capacity to be brought up-to-speed quickly;
· Background in environmental advocacy in general, and more specifically in corporate/producer responsibility issues, preferred;
· Ability to connect with a broad network of interests (ranging from corporate environmental Vice Presidents to low-scale ?e-scrap? recyclers)
represented within the electronics, recycling, and Producer Take Back arena preferred.

· Demonstrated ability to work creatively and effectively with diverse groups;
· Excellent communication skills, including the ability to articulate campaign messages to the media (should be able to craft intelligent messages to
the media through press releases, and also be able to field spontaneous press calls);
· Experience working in a multicultural/international team setting;
· An understanding of the politics of progressive non-profits;
· An understanding of non-profit management;
· Excellent writing skills, including drafting media releases;
· Ability to prioritize, multi-task and problem-solve in fast paced, dynamic work environment.

Location and Staffing

This position is open to people located throughout the U.S. (no specific location).

Competitive non-profit rate, including benefits package.

Please include three (3) references, each of which should include the name, affiliation (company or organization name), phone number, e-mail, and mailing address of the contact person.

To apply:
Send a resume, cover letter, and three references to:
Kara Reeve, CTBC Interim Coordinator
Application deadline: October 20, 2004
For more information see

Clean Water Action
Computer TakeBack Campaign, Interim Coordinator
617.338.8131 phone
617.338.6449 fax

this message (including any attachments) is intended only for the use of the person(s) to whom it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. if you receive this communication in error, please notify me immediately by e-mail, telephone or fax and delete the original message from your records. thank you.

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