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[greenyes] controversial textiles


A group called U'SAgain that defines itself as "a company dedicated to
the recycling and reuse of American textile products" has been active in
promoting its efforts to place textile collection bins in the Portland,
OR area. Their promotional materials claim that you can "earn cash for
your programs" and "help ensure that clothes are available to millions
of people around the world who cannot afford new clothing". In doing a
little internet research, a colleague came across the following sites
that make some very interesting and controversial claims.

I am a middle and high school waste reduction educator interested in
textile generation and collection in schools.
I am very interested in this element of our waste stream and would love
to hear what other folks think about 1) this group, 2) textile
collection in general, 3) textile collection in schools.

Please advise!

Amy Wilson
Metro - Waste Reduction Education
600 NE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 797-1521

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