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Re: [greenyes] Plastics Testing

From a friend who is a design engineer:

not sure what is meant by 'melt' in this context - if he means 'melt
flow rate' i don't think he will find an easy way to measure that in
small quantities. anyway, here is a site that may be helpful in
explaining what plastics' technical parameters are and how they are
measured [and what they are actually called]
if you want to know anything about what plastics have which properties,
try this site - i has been very useful to me in my work

Rose Niemi
Merced County Association of Governments
369 West 18th Street
Merced CA 95340
209-723-3153, extension 315

>>> Dan Weisenbach <dan@no.address> 9/15/2004 4:19:03 PM >>>

I'm not sure if what you want exists, but maybe this source would be a

place to start:

Hanser Gardner Publications' Plastics Bookstore

Simple Methods for Identification Of Plastics

Maybe we should invent something?

Dan Weisenbach direct: 614-251-8444
Weisenbach Specialty Printing, Inc.
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RWA wrote:

>Does anyone no a of testing kit/machine for determining the 'melt' of

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