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[greenyes] What can a local government do?

In one of the earlier email messages on New York City's solid waste program,
a writer said:

> Chris is right that NYC is not a
> state, and thus doesn't necessarily have the capacity to enact
> progressive rules on its own, despite the massive size of the local
> marketplace.

I would strongly disagree with this propoisition. As a County of "just"
450,000 people, with 61 communities that range in size from 200 people to
over 200,000 people, we have found that ALL levels of government have the
ability to both enact progressive rules and even ordinances.

Our local governments, for example, have mandatory recycling for all
entites, have banned the sale of some mercury-containing products, require
retailers to take back products from used oil to automotive batteries to
tires to fluorescent lamps, etc.

Rather than wait for someone else to implement progressive policies and
ordinances, local governments can do much with their existing powers.

And I would suggest, that with 8 million people, NYC effect a lot more
change than many.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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