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RE: [greenyes] FW: [MassRecycle] New York City recommits to recycling!

Hi Michael and GreenYes,

I don't know about NYC, but here in New Haven, I see many residential blue
bins only half full and I know these people MUST be using more recyclable
containers than what would only half-way fill one of those bins, in a

I think part of the problem is we as a society are not really educated in
what is or is not recylable AND we are tending to eat less and less at
Many things can easily be disassembled and the parts then recycled. I
don't believe most people in US know this or do this.

I know there have been recycling education programs in schools but the way
kids learn (& I have one) is you can "preach" to them all day long at
"school" but if
their parents or guardians at home don't do those things AND believe in
doing them, then the kids don't understand why to do them AND do not see
their role models doing that either.

I don't have a sure fire solution but everything we all do helps.


Debra Lombard
LEEDtm Accredited Professional
Lighting & Sustainable Design
The RETEC Group
900 Chapel St., 2nd Fl - Box 9
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel: 203-776-2358 x 237
Fax: 203-773-3657

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