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[greenyes] Press Release re: recycling/incineration

Dear Sir/Madam,

The excerpted quote below from your recent press release is a gross
misrepresentation of what constitutes recycling. Incineration in any
form, regardless of what outputs are derived from the process, is not
recycling. When coal or oil or natural gas are combusted to create
electrical energy, that process is not considered recycling. Likewise,
when Epson Inkjet cartridges are burned, the conversion to electrical
energy is not recycling.

Your press release is misleading and totally inappropriate considering
the target audience of the program - school students. I strongly
suggest that you revise your press release to properly represent how
your program works, omitting any reference to recycling.

Thank you,

Wayne Turner
Assistant Solid Waste Administrator
WS/FC Utilities Commision
Winston-Salem, NC

"Epson America announced today its continued partnership with
FundingFactory which allows schools and nonprofits nationwide to return
ink cartridges for rewards that can boost fundraising efforts and help
the environment. Educational and nonprofit organizations can earn points
by collecting genuine Epson ink cartridges and sending them to
FundingFactory for recycling. The cartridges will be converted to energy
through an environmentally sound incineration process at a licensed
waste-to-energy recycling facility."

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